The 30 Days Project: Day 16

The Peregrine Muse

I mentioned on Day 11 that I love the viola. But I have to confess that my affections are divided. I really can’t pick just one favorite instrument, any more than I could limit myself to one favorite composer or piece. But the cello ranks pretty high on my list, in close competition with the viola… depends on the day, and my mood…

There’s a voluminous, wonderful selection of solo cello music in the world, beginning with, of course, the Bach Cello Suites (Here’s a page where you can listen to them).

I wasn’t really thinking about Bach when I sat down to write today, though. Actually, I listened to some songs I wrote for cello and baritone voice awhile back. They’re very simple, but they’re some of my favorite pieces of mine, and I listen to them whenever I need a little bit of a Stuart Smalley moment. (I can’t post them right now, because I need to get the performers’ permission first… put that on the to-do list! 😉 )

I wanted to write something that just sort of went where it felt like going — something un-self-conscious. I was thinking of the word “peregrine,” which is a word I really like. Also the word “muse,” but not in the sense of an inspiring goddess — more in the verb sense, as in to meditate, contemplate, or ponder.

Click play to listen:

Thanks for listening!


One Response

  1. Bach’s Cello Suites 4-6 by Yasuaki Shimizu is my favorite.

    Along another strand, Abida Parveen’s ghazals are awesome.

    These two artists move me out of my head.

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