Theremin Concerto Sneak Preview!

ther-entr.jpgThe première of my Concerto for Theremin and Chamber Orchestra (“Theremin Concerto” for short) by Theremin player Scott Paulson and the San Diego Chamber Orchestra is exactly 2 weeks from today! So I thought this would be a good time to post a little excerpt from my not-quite-bona-fide, deep-fried, naugahyde, MIDI-fied version (with apologies) …which I’ve been told is pretty good, actually.

Of course, when real humans play it on real instruments, it’ll sound muuuuch better! 😀

The concert is getting some good advance media coverage — stay tuned for links and specifics. And of course, if you’re in the San Diego area (and, let’s face it, at this time of year, who wouldn’t want to be?), step right up and get your tickets here! I’m told that their Friday night performances tend to sell out, so don’t delay!

The excerpt, by the way, is from the opening section of the piece, right where the theremin enters. The clip is about 45 seconds long — that’s 50% more preview than iTunes gives you! Do I take care of my peeps, or what?! 😉

Click to play:

I can’t wait to hear the real thing!


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    9 Responses

    1. What’s a theremin? What’s a Theremin? WHAT’S A THEREMIN??

    2. Alto2 beat me to the question. But now I know why the piece made me think of the Dr. Who theme (and I remember the original series!).

      It sounds great virgo.

      Shawnari from Street Prophets


    4. I have to agree with the above, it sounds great and you are rockin’. I’m anxious to hear the whole thing…in person yet!

    5. […] performing composer Linda Kernohan’s Concerto for Theremin and Chamber Orchestra. Click here to listen to a little and to visit the composers site. Buy your tickets now, it’s sure to […]

    6. Hey, Ms. K–

      Is there a midi version of the whole (better than the live performance for my purposes, because more perfect, to play for the conductor and so on) and/or may I see your score? I’d like to pitch it to the local (Santa Rosa, California) Orchestra. I’m a thereminist–you can see some of my playing at Google me to see more about my life, such as it is, in the arts.

      Congratulations on the new concerto.



    7. Thank you so much Linda for this work and for sharing some previews. This was very big news at []
      New works for our crazy instrument are rare, but yours encourages thereminsts more than you might know.
      Please consider joining us at TW and !please! let us know when the work is published and available for other performances, I at least know I’d be very interested in learning it.

      Congratulations albeit a bit late!
      – jh

    8. OH sorry forgot to ask is a recording of the concerts available? I hope so this sample has me wanting more.

      And as to ?What Is A Theremin? thank you for posting some info here: for more if anyone wants it, I have an overview at and there is a slew of info at and big thanks for mentioning it was *not* used by the Beach Boys in any vibratory song. As a side note Led Zeppelin usually used a pitch only “theremin” which some don’t consider the real thing, but it did help spread the word.
      hth – jh

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