Two LoveNerds Celebrate One Year!

I’m back after a few days off from blogging! I needed a little breather after completing the NaBloPoMo challenge, and of course McDoc and I had our 1st wedding anniversary to celebrate!!!

We had a lovely, if too brief, getaway in Windsor — where, by the way, everyone else was visiting to watch the Red Bull Air Race. We may have looked a tad bit snooty to the other folks at the breakfast table when they asked if we were going down to the riverfront to watch and we answered, “No, we have symphony tickets this afternoon.” What can I say — it’s hard out there for a nerd! 😛

More about the symphony concert later, but for now, to mark the occasion, here’s the song that we had as the first dance at our wedding reception (with apologies for the news crawler and the, um, gentleman in the enormous cowboy hat 😛 ).


One Response

  1. I think that’s great that you guys enjoyed a getaway….well deserved too! I also enjoyed the video .

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