Miss Music Nerd Gets Official!

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, music nerds! I hope everyone is feeling full and happy, and enjoying a relaxing extended holiday weekend.

I have some exciting news to report! I have been asked to be the ‘official’ blogger for classical music for this year’s GRAMMY Awards®, as part of their Community Blogger Program. I’ll be covering the nominations when they’re announced next week on December 2, and then I’ll write about the award-winners after they’re revealed at the end of January.

I’m also planning to go to L.A. to attend some of the GRAMMY week events. Wish me luck for hitting it big in Tinseltown!

You’ll see a few changes around the blog in connection with this project — don’t worry, though, it’s nothing drastic; I’m still the same ol’ music nerd you’ve always known. 😉 I’ll be following the conventions of the The Recording Academy® Style Book, which is why you’ll see the ® symbol after the first mention of trademark entities. No, I’m not on commission or anything! Oh, and yes, GRAMMY is supposed to be in all caps. I know y’all are sticklers for editorial accuracy, so I wanted to make sure you knew this was intentional and not me shouting or anything!

The other change is one I’ve been meaning to make anyway, and now I’ve gotten the nudge I needed to get my hindquarters in gear. I will henceforth be blogging under my very own domain name:

The old wordpress url will redirect to the new domain, but be sure to update your bookmarks, etc., anyway, because that ‘forwarding order’ may not be permanent. Being the mistress of my own nerd domain is going to be pretty fun, I think!

More to come very soon… I hope you’ll join me! 🙂



4 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like a very exciting opportunity 🙂

  2. Hail, Queen of all the Music Nerds!

    Great work, Baby!

  3. Hey! Can I say “I knew you when……”? Congratulations!

  4. Thanks guys! Aunt Em, yes, you absolutely can! 😀

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