Season’s Monde-Greetings!

A while back, I wrote about the wonderful world of misheard lyrics, a.k.a. Mondegreens, which come about when you can’t quite understand the words to a song, but your mind fills in familiar, if non-sensical, words and phrases, often with hilarious results.

It was recently brought to my attention that this festive season, which is so full of wonderful music, is also rife with Mondegreen mischief. Hark! 😉

I think he’d look pretty good in a Santa hat!
Deck the Halls with Buddy Holly

(I think he would’ve liked jazz, too. RIP)

Good thing, because we all have egg nog breath!
Joy to the World, the Lord has Gum!

Those reindeer boxer shorts are cute, but please…
Get Dressed, Ye Merry Gentlemen

Besides, you’ll freeze out there!
Walking in our Winter Underwear

Oh, and which angel is Harold, anyway?
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing!

Your turn, music nerds — if you know of any I’ve missed, add them in comments!



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