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I’m having a blast! More later! 🙂


MMN on the Red Carpet!

This afternoon, I attended the GRAMMY® Special Merit Awards, which include Lifetime Achievement Awards (for performers), Trustees Awards (for non-performers who have contributed to the recording field) and Technical Awards.

I had been hoping to meet André Previn, who was this year’s Lifetime Achievement awardee from the classical realm. Health issues prevented him from attending, though; he sent a video greeting that was played during the ceremony.

Instead, I got to chat with blues guitar player David “Honeyboy” Edwards, another Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. At age 95, he is still touring — he performs 100 shows a year!

Oh, and yes, I did get to walk the red carpet:

Background of the stars!

I’ll have more from this event later, but tomorrow is the Big Show, and I’d better get my beauty rest! 😀


GRAMMY Nominee Spotlight: Sharon Isbin

Okay, music nerds, here’s the deal: for a while now I’ve been planning to write several posts about our wonderful Classical GRAMMY® nominees. I’ve managed one or two, but not nearly as many as I’ve wanted to while I’ve been running around like my hair were on fire! But I have a few minutes right now, so I’ll make this quick!

She was the first classical guitarist to record with the New York Philharmonic, and the first to win a Grammy for guitarist since Nixon was in office (the last was Julian Bream in 1972). And now, she has managed to bring Joan Baez into the classical fold!

Sharon Isbin‘s nominated disc, Journey to the New World is a very rewarding album; I’ve been listening to it repeatedly and it continues to delight me. Her sound is both rich and sparkling; her playing is sensitive and energetic.

And Joan Baez sings on her album! Their collaborations on “Wayfaring Stranger” and “Go ’Way From My Window” are just haunting. John Duarte’s Joan Baez Suite incorporates several songs Baez is famous for singing. I love the way his setting of “The Unquiet Grave” incorporates the iconic “Dies Irae” melody towards the end. Similarly, “Where have all the Flowers Gone” uses the “Taps” motif to great effect.

I love the connection the album draws between English music and American folk music. They are related, you know! Also, Isbin gives new depth to “The Drunken Sailor,” which has long been associated in my mind with Sarah Vowell’s story of playing in junior high school band. It’s good to broaden one’s horizons! 😉


GRAMMY Museum Photo Blogging!

Quick like a bunny before I race off to my next event (which is coffee with a friend — MMN can’t be in the limelight all the time, people! 😉 ), here are some photos from yesterday!

Why look, my chariot has arrived!

Because I only roll VIP, baby!

CNN’s Rich Sanchez introducing the Social Media Rock Star Summit. (Stand still or be out of focus, dude!)

The Social Media Rock Star panel

L to R: Nikhil Chandhok of YouTube, David Karp of Tumblr, Kevin Rose of Digg, Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars.

After the Summit: say cheese?

What, you’re looking at the WireImage guy’s camera instead of mine? Hmph! 😉

View from the Target Terrace at the post-summit reception:

What pretty colors, I thought, then I looked more closely and realized it was… a giant toilet paper ad: the text on the middle panel says, “How do you roll? Ya gotta love LA! (And I told you already, I only roll VIP!)

Sunset over LA Live:

Lurve the twinkie lights on the trees!!

On today’s agenda: Special Merit Awards — lifetime achievement awards to be given out in several genres, including classical — yippee! Then a reception for the nominees. I’m eager to see who’s there from the classical field. But hey, if I get to meet some rock stars too, I’m not gonna compain! 😀


Friday in GRAMMY Week: A Rock Star Kind of Day!

I’m heading down to Staples Center shortly for what promises to be an exciting day!

I get to meet my fellow GRAMMY® Community Bloggers in person for the first time, and we’ll be attending the Social Media Rock Star Summit at the GRAMMY Museum. CNN news anchor Rick Sanchez is the moderator, and the event will be streamed live on

Here’s how describes the event:

The Social Media Rock Star panel will focus on the evolution of social media and how it has radically changed the way music fans discover, share and consume news and information about their favorite artists; how these new platforms have quickly become a driving force for music as musicians more fully embrace it to distribute content, interact with fans, and build their brands; and the importance of communicating and promoting exclusive experiences on these networks. The participants will also look at the challenges that are unique to celebrity users of social media.

Panelists will include Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg; Pete Cashmore, CEO/founder of Mashable; Nikhil Chandhok, senior project manager for YouTube Music & Live; and a GRAMMY-nominated rock artist to be announced.

And later on, I get to spy on rehearsals for Sunday’s Big Show! It’s not going to be a classical music-oriented day at all, I won’t pass up the chance to be in on the rockin’ action! 🙂

Watch my Twitter feed for the latest up-to-the-minute news!


Backstage at the GRAMMY Salute to Classical Music: Opera Stars, Current and Future!

Last night before the GRAMMY Salute to Classical Music® began, I had the chance to speak with four opera singers at varying stages of their careers, who were there to perform as a tribute to the evening’s honoree, Plácido Domingo. I asked them about the roles they have loved playing or aspire to play, what it’s like to be mentored by the Maestro, and what we need to do to nurture new audiences for opera.

Here’s a fabulous photo of them; now click Mr. Readmore to meet them! Continue reading

Backstage at the GRAMMY Salute to Classical Music: Meeting Domingo

Here I am! :)

Here I am! 🙂

I know that GRAMMY® Week is all about leading up to the Big Event on Sunday, but for the Classical category, last night’s Salute to Classical Music® honoring Plácido Domingo was much more than just a warm-up!

Four young opera singers performed in tribute to the Maestro, and I got to chat with them backstage before the event began — more about that later!

But right now, the answer to what I know is your burning question:

Yes, I got to meet Domingo!!! 😀

Waiting to speak with the Maestro: with all the excitement, the evening really was a blur! ;)

Waiting to speak with the Maestro: with all the excitement, the evening really was a blur! 😉

Click Mr. Readmore for the rush transcript! Continue reading

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