MMNFAQ: Getting Graphic

I’ve been asking McDoc to come up with some questions for the MMNFAQ, and he has a lot of ideas, but some of them reveal certain hidden agendas that he has. He would really like to be my business manager, you see, this whole doctor thing notwithstanding; I have to keep telling him that someone around here has to actually earn a living!

At any rate, his question is:

Who does Miss Music Nerd’s graphics?

Thank you for asking! Why, Miss Music Nerd does them herself, of course!

I have a seemingly bottomless well of creativity, especially when it comes to procrastinating and doing something I’m not really supposed to be doing. 😉

I had the idea a while back of creating a cartoon-like drawing of myself, and I talked to a couple of graphic artists about it, and even got a couple of mockups, but I wasn’t getting that Just Right Thing That I Wanted, so I said, lemme try doing something myself, just to get a ball-park idea for a real artist to do some magic with.

But I had so much fun doing that, I never got around to turning the work over to a professional!

Here’s the design I made for business cards; I also use it on Twitter:


And here’s the Miss Music Nerd fainting couch, to which I frequently repair in response to the hectic nature of modern life:

I’ve created a couple of composition-related graphics, too. While doing some revisions to an older piano piece that provided many good examples of what we in the music biz call the “forest of accidentals.” Here’s a tiny sample:


And here’s a slightly more literal illustration of the phrase: 😉


Just one more: I have a long-standing compositional habit of taking bits and pieces of melodies I like and doing terrible things to them, disguising them, cutting them up, and otherwise harnessing them for my nefarious purposes. For a long time, I didn’t have a snappy term for this proclivity, but then one day it hit me:

It’s the Miss Music Nerd® Tuneblender™!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how can I get these awesometastic designs on a coffee mug, T-shirt, or other gift item? Well, that is just one of many things I have in the works. I can’t reveal my plan for world domination all at once, now, can I? 😉



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