Opera Shorts in New York!

Well, music nerds, I know that experiments in human cloning are sort of frowned upon in most sectors, but dang it, I need more than one of me!

I’m slated to attend two concerts here in Boston this weekend: the BSO season opener Saturday, and Cantata Singers’ program of songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams on Sunday.

PhotobucketMeanwhile, I heard it through the Twittervine yesterday that New York-based group Remarkable Theater Brigade is presenting a program of 10-minute operas at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night. How cool is that? I am seriously contemplating hopping on a Bolt Bus to go see it. All I need is a couch to crash on in the NYC area… Anybody?

I just love the combination of title and graphic, too. Keep your shorts on, opera lovers – Opera Shorts is almost here!


3 Responses

  1. I’ve got a room with a couch AND a piano! Just sent details…

  2. Linda – Hope you get an offer for a bunk for the night. Sounds like fun. The two boys from Slovakia are in NY as we speak, leaving for home tomorrow, 10/1. Thier first night in NY (out of four) was spent on the floor of a church, then three nights in a hostel.

    You remember I picked them up off the street and they stayed with me the entire summer – hint, hint.

    Well, I would rather you wouldn’t try that in the Big Apple. No telling what strange things might happen.

    Good luck – Dad

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