Greetings, Music Nerds Everywhere!

Welcome to Miss Music Nerd, where classical music is cool and popular music is taken seriously… but not too seriously. As your host, I will bring you observations, tidbits, ramblings and ruminations about many aspects of music. I’ll report on music events that I attend, and I’ll cover musical goings-on that catch my fancy.

I invite your musical questions – you can leave them in a comment on the blog or email them to me. I’m always learning new things about music as well, so please contribute what you know in the comments!

Commission me! As a composer, I take requests. If you have an idea for a piece of music you’d like to hear, lay it on me! I’ll write short pieces (up to 2 minutes) for free, though a donation is greatly appreciated. For longer works, fees are negotiable, depending on instrumention, desired length, and complexity. Contact me for details.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Lindy Lou,
    Wow, I have had you on my mind so much this last week, wondering how you were doing. I am delighted to see that you are settling in so well with McDoc, Piccolo, and your music.
    I am so excited about your website. Keep me posted on further developments.
    How is your family, especially your dad?
    Love to you, McDoc (handsome man!!!!!), and Piccolo

  2. Hello Miss MN – Just thought I’d warn you; I’ve added a link to your blog on mine. I like the way you write.

    What brought you to T.O. and Casa Loma?

  3. Nerds are cool, musical nerds cooler. But add kossack and my goodness, I am smitten.
    Nice site, see you around.

  4. A quickie reminder (feel free to trash after reading) – the re-jigged CBC Radio 2 debuts Tuesday a.m.

    Looking forward to any comments you might have. N.

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