Miss Music Nerd’s Keyboards of the World!

Got a picture to add to Keyboards of the World? Send it in! Don’t forget to include the location and any interesting details. Thanks!

Keyboards of the World by Country:
catlandiaflagpink.jpg Catlandia
canadaflag.gif Canada
Germany — coming soon!
usflag.gif United States

The official Miss Music Nerd digital piano, which does double duty as a cat perch:

catlandiaflagpink.jpg Catlandia


Here’s the same piano in travel mode:

usflag.gif San Diego, CA


Two piano shots from an MMN friend’s blog, Trees and Flowers and Birds!

With cats

catlandiaflagpink.jpg Catlandia


Without cats

usflag.gif San Diego, CA


The following four ‘boards live at Casa Loma, a cool old mansion in Toronto:

Casa Loma Organ (for looks only — I don’t think it’s hooked up to its pipes right now 😦 )

canadaflag.gif Toronto, ON


Casa Loma Grand Piano

canadaflag.gif Toronto, ON


Casa Loma has a couple of square pianos — a type of piano that was very popular in 19th-century parlors and drawing rooms.

Casa Loma Square Piano 1

canadaflag.gif Toronto, ON


Casa Loma Square Piano 2

canadaflag.gif Toronto, ON


2 Responses

  1. No pictures. Its been a long time since I saw the piano of my childhood home, but I did feature it in a story I posted in my LiveJournal. A dance studio practice piano out of the 20’s and 30’s. Never could hold a tune, but was a thing of beauty when my father finished with it.

  2. thats an awsome article. thanks.

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