On-the-job Training

UPDATE: The servers have propogated! The servers have propogated! Check out the new-and-improved blog at missmusicnerd.com!!

Nothing in technology happens without some bugs having to be worked out, right?

For a while now, I’ve wanted to migrate this here blog from free wordpress.com hosting to my own paid hosting, so I could add several features that I can’t currently have (audio hosting will be simpler, for one thing, I think… I hope…)

It took a while for me to wrangle the site layout until it bent to my will, but I finally succeeded, and yesterday, after checking with support staff from my new host to make sure I knew what to do, I entered the gobbledygook in the various fields and pressed save… and voilà!

missmusicnerd.com vanished into web limbo. Aaarrgh! Dang you, novice webmistress!

I checked with the support folks again and found that I had entered the wrong gobbledygook. They kindly supplied me with the correct gobbledygook, and I have entered it, but the millions of little squirrels running on wheels that power the interwebz will take a while to catch up. Until then, I’m very glad I have a backup here on wordpress.com.

Thanks, wordpress.com! Thanks, support folks! And I’m just glad I did this now, rather than during GRAMMY® week!



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