Friday News: Vaughan Williams in Boston,, and Theremin on TV!

PhotobucketHappy Friday, music nerds! I’m pleased to announce that my first post is up! Click to sample some GRAMMY Classical Delights!

Furthermore, I will be interviewing several GRAMMY nominees in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned! (I’m editing the first one now, which was conducted by phone with someone Very. Big. on Monday. I’m so excited!)

On the home front, tonight McDoc and I will be attending a performance by Cantata Singers, who continue their Ralph Vaughan Williams-centered season. The program includes a semi-staged performance of Vaughan Williams’ one-act music drama Riders to the Sea, as well as works by Edward Elgar, Gerald Finzi and Gustav Holst. Tickets will be available at the door, so if you’re in the Boston area and looking for something classy to do tonight, tell ’em Miss Music Nerd sent you!

No matter where you are, you can enjoy my latest find in the ever-popular Theremin category, which is dear to my heart, as many of you know. Click here to watch a character on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory expand the Theremin’s repertoire! (Tip: advance the video to around 14:30; the show will play after a commercial.) It’s already a very nerdy show, but it gets a tip of the nerd glasses for bringing nerdy music into the equation, too!



Keyboards of the World, vol. 3!

NaBloPoMo Day 4!

A couple of pianos from my San Diego whirlwind Theremin Concerto première tour didn’t make it into my previous KOTW post, because I shot them with my cell phone camera and hadn’t yet transferred them to the computer.

Here they are in all their lo-res glory — 2 shots of the piano at the Del Mar Country Club, one of the venues where the Theremin Concerto was performed. These are valuable photos — I managed to snap them right before security escorted me off the property! 😉

usflag.gif Rancho Santa Fe, CA

usflag.gif Rancho Santa Fe, CA

It was a strange experience, having my music performed at a concert I never would have been able to afford to attend any other way. Perhaps it was made stranger by my low blood sugar; there was a swanky reception with hors d’oeuvres and drinks before the concert, but all the hors d’oeuvres had caviar sprinkled on top (I think they have a rule about that), and this bohemian vegetarian doesn’t dig that jive (and if you think I’m crazy to turn up my nose at free caviar, think of it this way: I’m just leaving more of it in the world for everybody else!).

Later on, I was talking about the event to someone I know who has more experience than I do running in such sophisticated circles. I remarked that I felt like everyone was looking at me as if I didn’t belong there. She replied, “Oh, they all look at each other that way, too!”

I felt better. 😀


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